The trend in new California Inns is toward opulence and romance, but Bruce Black has a different agenda. It's not that his newly opened Squibb House lacks creature comforts or romantic appeal - it has enough of both. But more than that, it radiates history, community, and pride of place, with a careful eye toward good design.

Built in 1877 by Cambria's school principal, this butter-yellow Gothic Revival Italianate structure in the heart of the village went on to become the home of several of Cambria's leading citizens. Black purchased the house in 1993 and thoroughly restored it, respecting its purity of design and changing little in the structure. His craftsmen built pine furniture in the 100-year-old carpentry shop next door, while Black himself sought out old glass at flea markets, restored the gardens, and painted layers of soft colors in the bedrooms, resulting in extraordinary patinas. This new inn is well worth a visit.

Breakfast, served in your room or a downstairs parlor, includes fresh fruit and still-warm pastries, bread, and muffins from a nearby bakery.

The Squibb House and Shop Next Door
4063 Burton Drive
Cambria, CA 93428
Phone: (805)927-9600
Fax: (805)927-9606

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